Yoga Therapy With Ashlie

What is Yoga Therapy?


Yoga Therapy (also called Rehabilitative Yoga or Therapeutic Movement) is a personalized approach to yoga where the benefits and goals are tailored to the needs of each individual client. It’s about getting you to move better in your body so you feel better and have the vitality to do whatever makes you feel fully alive.

I believe that each body tells a story and no two stories are the same, therefore no two yoga practices should be the same. Every injury and repetitive movement lays down muscle memory and holding patterns which creates the story your body tells.  Yoga Therapy is offered 1-on-1 for maximum progress or small groups/workshopswhere you are practicing in a group setting but working on your own practice with the guidance of a Yoga Therapist.

Private Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic Yoga is used to help people feel better in their bodies, move better and relieve pain.

Private Yoga

This class is offered 1-on-1 where I understand your goals and tailor the practice to what it is you want.

Group Classes

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Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Classes designed to give a mental and physical break and reboot midday.


About Ashlie


Hi I’m Ashlie! I’m a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in Oakville and I’m passionate about helping people feel better in their body.

I know what it feels like to be injured, in pain and completely limited in my daily activities. I felt; stuck, old, useless and like my body was failing me and it was out of my control.  I tried physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy and acupuncture but ultimately I had to give up Power Cheerleading with the Cheersport Sharks and this was devastating because it was a way to connect with some of my closest friends weekly and a great way to stay fit while working full time. It was the day of the week I looked forward to most. “What do I do now?” I thought?


“I found Ashlie was very inviting to discuss my issues, quite knowledgeable and easy to follow the instructions. I was amazed at the results in even 1 session. The pain I was experiencing over the last couple of months was resolved!”


“Since I had taken yoga years ago, I found the poses and the positions difficult. What Ashlie does is totally different and her wealth of knowledge makes her an excellent one-on-one teacher. she is most considerate and concerned for her clients. Her knowledge is beyond what many physiotherapists and even chiropractors would have regarding the human body.



Let's Connect

Tired of feeling less than your best? Have questions about how yoga therapy sessions can relieve your pain or help you make gains in your current activities? Contact me

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