Yoga Therapy (also called Rehabilitative Yoga or Therapeutic Movement) is a personalized approach to yoga where the benefits and goals are tailored to the needs of each individual client. It’s about getting you to move better in your body so you feel better and have the vitality to do whatever makes you feel fully alive.   

I believe that each body tells a story and no two stories are the same, therefore no two yoga practices should be the same. Every injury and repetitive movement lays down muscle memory and holding patterns which creates the story your body tells.  Yoga Therapy is offered 1-on-1 for maximum progress or small groups/workshops where you are practicing in a group setting but working on your own practice with the guidance of a Yoga Therapist. 


What Yoga Therapy Encompases

Supportive resting poses

Known as restorative yoga complete with props: bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps


Known as pranayama.

Exercises / Poses

Help your body move the way it was designed to and help eliminate bad habits or holding patterns which are limiting your movement and flexibility and possibly even causing you pain.

If there is no pain yet but you aren’t moving well, the pain is inevitable. 

While there is research to support Yoga Therapy for helping with all kinds of conditions, it really is as simple as:

move better


feel better


live better

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