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Hi I’m Ashlie! I’m a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in Oakville and I’m passionate about helping people feel better in their body.
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Hi I’m Ashlie! I’m a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in Oakville and I’m passionate about helping people feel better in their body so they can get back to the activities and life they love pain free. 

I know what it feels like to be injured, in pain and completely limited in my daily activities. I felt; stuck, old, useless and like my body was failing me and it was out of my control. I tried physiotherapy,  a chiropractor, massage therapy and acupuncture but ultimately I had to give up my activities to heal. Someone suggested I try yoga and so my journey began.

 There are so many studios, options of classes, teachers and communities to choose from, it was overwhelming! I ended up falling in love with the practice and community of Modo yoga (formerly Moksha Yoga). So much in fact that I quit my corporate job and travelled to India for teacher training in 2010.

I injured myself further thanks to my competitive and curious nature trying to get ‘the full experience’.  Another major setback… or so I thought.

This experience fuelled my passion to helping my students in and out of the studio to modify their practice so it feels good in their bodies. My students were enjoying their modified practice but they (and I) weren’t seeing the progress we expected with regular practice. Why is this?

Yoga Therapy was the missing link! Instead of adding props to make a pose accessible find out why the component parts of the pose aren’t working for the students and how it’s all connected in the body/mind. When you work on the why things aren’t moving the way they should and get them moving better you create sustainable change for your students. 

“I can’t touch my toes!” Instead of giving you a block to bring the floor up to you (which is helpful!), the movement should be coming from a hinge motion at the hips so if the pelvis is stuck it cannot move forward around the leg bones to touch your toes and most people then try to bend from the mid back to make it happen. Instead, we work on getting your pelvis to move better so there can be a natural progression to touching your toes.

THAT is why I teach, those ‘a-ha!’ moments where there is instant clarity, understanding and then building towards progress. These moments ‘Fuel my Flow’… my state of energy is lifted and magnified a thousand times over. Working 1-on-1 with students fuels me, it fills my cup when I can help someone else and they can turn around and do what fills their cup. 

  • Yoga Therapy C-IAYT 800 hrs


    Functional Synergy with Susi Hately

    Completion 2021

  • Yoga Therapy C-IAYT 75 hrs

    Case Reviews

    Functional Synergy with Susi Hately

    In Progress 2019

  • Yoga Therapy C-IAYT 45hrs

    Intensive Level 1

    Functional Synergy with Susi Hately

    Completed 2019

  • Barre 14 hrs

    Barre Teacher Training

    the barre

    Completed 2016

  • Barre 15 hrs

    Barre Teacher Training

    beHOLD Barre

    Completed 2015

  • Restorative 15 hrs

    Restorative Teacher Training

    Swaha with Marla Meenakshi Joy

    Completed 2012

  • Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga 45 hrs

    Pre-natal and Postnatal Teacher Training

    Dig Yoga with Sue Elkind @ Kula Yoga

    Completed 2013

  • Kids Yoga 15 hrs

    Kids Yoga Teacher Training

    Young Yoga Masters

    Completed 2010, Milton

  • Hatha Yoga 500 hrs

    Level 1 Teacher Training

    Modo Yoga International (formerly Moksha Yoga International)

    Completed in 2010, India

  • BA, University of Guelph

    BA in Social and Applied Human Sciences

    Graduated 2006, Guelph

  • Co-created and taught a tailored class to NHL level athletes monthly
  • Co-hosted a hands on assistance workshop for Yoga Teachers
  • Master Classes/Workshops with Bryan Kest, Kino Macgregor, Christine Felstead were my favorite and a workshop by Michelle Berman Marchildon helped me identify what makes my teaching special
  • Volunteer Yoga Teacher at the centre for Hope Women’s Shelter
  • Co-coached - Cheerleading Team - White Oaks Secondary, Clarkson Secondary and Montclair Cheerleading Team
  • Athlete - Cheerleading - Cheersport Sharks Grey Reef Team, University of Guelph, White Oaks Secondary
  • Athlete - Dragon Boat at Wai Nui O’kanaka of Oakville
  • Athlete - Oakville Rep Soccer,
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