Private Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic Yoga is used to help people feel better in their bodies, move better and relieve pain. The exercises are gentle and focus on quality of movement, usually supported by props (blocks, straps, bolsters etc). Yoga Therapy is for anyone, but specifically those who are feeling limited by their body (injury, stiffness, pain, conditions) and want to return to their life full of vitality and activity.

Private Yoga

Perfect for a beginner to learn poses and alignment before going to a studio or if you have been doing yoga but want to progress/add layers in your practice.

Yoga Studios can feel intimidating to take that first step through the doors, a private practice is the perfect way to ease you in slowly and I’ll give you all the tips you need to know to help develop a regular practice if that’s your goal.

Group Classes

Group classes can be a great introduction to Yoga Therapy and are more economical. They can also be great for accountability, meeting new people and supporting your journey as well as theirs just by showing up!

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Whatever your goals are; I want to get stronger, I want to feel fit, I want to feel light, I want to learn how to stick to a lifestyle that supports nutrition and fitness etc. I can teach you how to accomplish your goals, hold you accountable and help you find a program that suits your needs best.

Find out how much better you can feel